PORCELA(พอร์ซเซล่า) รุกตลาดกระเบื้อง Big Slab

PORCELA taps into Big Slab and Healthy Tiles markets

PORCELA outlines 2023 plan penetrating innovative tile markets through the launches of Big Slab and Healthy anti-bacteria tiles and anti-slip tiles at the Archtect’23 Expo with full-scale special promotional camapigns for floor and wall tiles as well as other related products. PORCELA is jubilant over the market acceptance of its brand under the concept “High-end Tiles with affordable price” as evidenced by over 30% growth in the first quarter and the brand is confident to achieve more than 50% growth this year after real estate markets show sign of recovery.  

Ruampat Ceramic Co., Ltd is the producer and distributor of PORCELA specializing in production and import of a variety of high-quality tiles with different colors and patterns to serve demands of all styles of house construction, living accommodations and other types of developments that require products for floor and wall covering both internal and external decorations. 

Miss Panjama Laowiwatwong, Managing Director of Ruampat Ceramic Co., Ltd. says the company plans to introduce product innovation in three groups. The first group is Big Slab tiles that offer seamless space covering to bring beauty and smooth surface that enhance the ambiance and enlarge the space. This group of product has its outstanding quality of large tile, streamlined space, natural beauty with unique patterns, strength, durability, luxurious design and modernity. The products also have long usable life, easy to clean and come in various sizes such as 80x320cm, 120x240cm and 80x160cm., etc. This segment of market has high growth potential and currently there is no visible market leader.    

PORCELA(พอร์ซเซล่า) รุกตลาดกระเบื้อง Big Slab และ กระเบื้องกลุ่ม Healthy Tiles

The second group is Healthy Tiles which also known as Hygienic or Anti-Bacteria Tiles. They are the best for health-conscious users with innovative production process that went through serious research and development procedures that ensure more than 99% resistance to the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Germ-Guard materials have been used to produce Hygienic or Anti-Bacteria Tiles so the products have no hazardous substances, safe for use, friendly to the environment, help delay the growth of bacteria and fungi over the products’ lifetime and help reduce foul odour.

The products are outstanding for their properties to help eliminate allergenic substances, germs and bacteria, reduce spreading of germs and air pollutants. The Anti-Slip tiles are created under the innovative tile production to elevate the living quality that will bring more safety to residents with their effective anti-slip properties. This group of products is outstanding for slip-resistance to help reduce accidents, offer strength, durability, water resistance, moisture resistance, increase safety for children, the elderly and general users. They also have long usable life.       

PORCELA(พอร์ซเซล่า) รุกตลาดกระเบื้อง Big Slab และ กระเบื้องกลุ่ม Healthy Tiles2

The third group is Stone Veneers which are decorative materials with unique features replicating the appearance of natural stones but with thin layer and much lower weight. The product is suitable for both interior and exterior decoration, architectural work such as bathroom, kitchen and furniture to bring the elegance and luxurious atmosphere with the natural beauty. The products are outstanding for their properties of strength, durability, light-weight, natural pattern, beauty, luxury, swelling-free, rusty-free, fungi resistance, easy installation, convenience and low installation fee. They also have long usable life.

These products will be launched at the Architect’23, the Asean’s largest building technology explosion, Challenger Hall 3, Zone C, Booth S404/1, Impact Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok during 25th – 30th April 2023 between 10:00 and 20:00. There are also special promotion campaigns at the event for other products including Vinyl LVT / SPC or Stone Plastic Composite, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Wood Plank, Crystal Mosaic and etc. 

PORCELA(พอร์ซเซล่า) รุกตลาดกระเบื้อง Big Slab และ กระเบื้องกลุ่ม Healthy Tiles2

Miss Panjama says products under PORCELA brand prioritises quality as the most significant philosophy with meticulous design, selection of high-quality materials through strict quality control at every production step along with modern and innovative production technology on par with international production standards.

Such factors have established PORCELA as a brand well-accepted among consumers under the concept “High-end Tiles with affordable price.  This has underlined the confidence in business operation as PORCELA achieved over 30% growth in the first quarter, compared to the same period of previous year. The brand is confident to have a leapfrog growth of over 50% from 2022. 

PORCELA(พอร์ซเซล่า) รุกตลาดกระเบื้อง Big Slab และ กระเบื้องกลุ่ม Healthy Tiles4

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