Tile is not just a construction materials but an important component to complete a beautiful house that can create living happiness.

For this reason, we do determine to produce every tiles with the excellent quality with the most beautiful design at a very affordable price to fulfill the dream of every home builders.

Porcelain, the best tile for home building and residential.



We are importer and manufacturer, specializing in high quality tiles with wide variety of colors and designs to serve all customer’s requirements. At PORCELA, we carefully selected high quality of raw materials together with high standard of manufacturing process which certified by international standard. So, customer can ensure that all every tiles under PORCELA brand can bring you the strength, aesthetic and long lasting.  

“PORCELA” is made up of two words ‘Porcelain” and “Aurora”.  Porcelain means a low water absorption tiles with more durable & long lasting properties. While Aurora means the beauty of one spirits. When these two words are combined, the PORCELA can be defined as the Ideal Tiles that bring together the strengths and beauty. 



Tile’s Quality

High Strengths, Durability and Long Service Life.

Wide Range of Tiles’s

Gathering of all selective Mosaic, Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Granito and Vinyl at one place.

Variety of Colors & Designs

Offers a wide variety of Tiles to serve all requirements.

Production Quality

Under the control of Tile’s specialist with international quality standard guarantee.

Affordable Price

Make everyone’s dream houses came true.

Designing Service

Provide decorative and mock up design services to help facilitate decision making for the most satisfying one.

The best tiles


Porcelain tile is made from fine, white clay, known as kaolin, with added ingredients of quartz & feldspar mixed in. Then it has been baked at very high temperature around 1,200 – 1,300 degree Celsius (2,200 and 2,400 °F) to remove the moisture within until the water absorption rate remain at very low level at less than 0.5%. All these ingredients and processes of production can strengthen the durability and quality of the tiles. This means it is much more versatile in its uses and applications.

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